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Vegan Pudding: A tasty, healthier version of your favourite dessert

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Vancouver is a health-concious city, and eating healthy is a good idea…..but it shouldn’t mean you can’t eat desserts!

Why stress out over not being able to eat pudding, just because you’re on a diet?

A local Japanese couple has created a decadent pudding that no one would ever know is vegan.

Vegan Pudding & Co.

Meet the owners: Sora & Hiro! The idea of opening a vegan pudding first emerged when Sora brought her home-made pudding to a poet reading event, where Hiro poem reading. Gradually,

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The Ultimate Jar Salad Tutorial and Recipe Roundup by Vegetable Specialist Hiro

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Eat your greens!

Remember that dreadful phrase your mother used to say when you were a child?

Now that you’re a grown up, you of course understand the need to eat vegetables. You even have the power to eat or combine any veggie you want into that perfect salad.

You commit yourself to eating healthy. You go buy the veggies, and a bottle of your favourite dressing. The first days go great. You go kinda fancy, making the salad look visually appealing. Now,

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Mysteries of Singaporean Beauty

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1.Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck


Photo by Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck

Photo by Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck

場所:downtown at the corner of Howe Street & West Georgia
営業時間:月曜日-金曜日11:30 AM – 3:00 PM.

2.The Kaboom Box Food Truck


Photo by The Kaboom Box Food Truck

Photo by The Kaboom Box Food Truck



日本のホットドッグ屋さんでとっても人気のお店、 JAPADOG ! 田村さんご夫婦がジャパニーズスタイルのホットドッグを10年前に始めたのがきっかけ!そして年々規模も大きくなり人気もまして、今の JAPADOG に至ります!!なんと今ではアメリカにまで進出しています!

本店もロブソンストリートにあり、毎日昼時にはお店はお客さんでいっぱいです!!しかもバンクーバーに映画やTVドラマの撮影で来る海外セレブ達にも人気で、JAPADOGに立ち寄って行ったたくさんのセレブ達の写真が貼ってあります。地元の方はもちろん、観光で来る外国の方にもとっても人気なこちらのお店!みんな口をそろえていうのが、「KUROBUTA TERIMAYO is the best~」らしいです。ほかにもいろんなおもしろい日本ならではの組み合わせがあるのでぜひぜひためしてみてください!

Photo by JAPADOG

Photo by Facebook

場所:日曜日・木曜日 Olympic Village 11:30am-7pm 月曜日: Cambie x 8th 11:30am-6pm 火曜日: Granville x 12th 11:30am-6pm
     水曜日・金曜日: Kerrisdale 11:30am-7pm 土曜日: Kitsilano 11:30am-7pm
本店:530 Robson St, Vancouver BC 

4.Soho Road

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