Vegan Pudding: A tasty, healthier version of your favourite dessert



Vancouver is a health-concious city, and eating healthy is a good idea…..but it shouldn’t mean you can’t eat desserts!

Why stress out over not being able to eat pudding, just because you’re on a diet?

A local Japanese couple has created a decadent pudding that no one would ever know is vegan.

Vegan Pudding & Co.

Meet the owners: Sora & Hiro! The idea of opening a vegan pudding first emerged when Sora brought her home-made pudding to a poet reading event, where Hiro poem reading. Gradually, word of the pudding spread, leading to the opening of their very own store.


3 Delicious Flavours



☆Green tea



そしてもうひとつはチョコレート味!!だれもが愛するチョコレート♡← そんなにがっつり甘くなく、食べやすい味でした。ソースはダブルチョコレートソース!!チョコレートプリンにさらにチョコレートソースをかけて食べるというのは初耳です!!どんな組み合わせになるのか、食べるのが楽しみです♪


Store Location

422 Richards street
Monday to Saturday, 11am-6pm (closed on Sunday)
Vegan Pudding & Co. Facebook

Available at other locations…

*Harvest Community Foods
Organic grocery store

Available on their dessert menu

* The Green Moustache Juice, Smoothie + Live Food Bar
Organic smoothies, juices and salads also availabke