The Ultimate Jar Salad Tutorial and Recipe Roundup by Vegetable Specialist Hiro


Eat your greens!

Remember that dreadful phrase your mother used to say when you were a child?

Now that you’re a grown up, you of course understand the need to eat vegetables. You even have the power to eat or combine any veggie you want into that perfect salad.

You commit yourself to eating healthy. You go buy the veggies, and a bottle of your favourite dressing. The first days go great. You go kinda fancy, making the salad look visually appealing. Now, to be honest, I can’t do that everyday.

Enter the world-changing mind-blowing innovation: the JAR SALAD

This innovation was born in New York, and officially called the Mason Jar Salad. As the name suggests, it’s a salad in a jar. Before I get to the step by step instructions and several cool recipes, I’ll go over why the Jar Salad is going to change your world.

1: They Last Long

Because the veggies are sealed in the jar, the salad lasts longer than non-jar salads. It depends on the ingredients you put in, but a typical jar salads can last about 5-7 days in the refrigerator. I can make a batch on the weekend, and I’ll be set for that week.

2. It’s Easy to Make AND look beautiful

Jar salads lets you layer the veggies to create colourful pieces of art. We’ll go over the ‘how to’ in a bit, but the the salad is super easy to make. All you do it put in your favourite veggies in the jar and presto! you have your amazing jar salad.

3. Compact & easy to carry

Glass is certainly a bit heavy, it’s a small price to pay for eating a healthy homemade lunch everyday. You also don’t have to take out the jar salad onto plates to eat, so all you need to pretty much is a fork to eat straight out of the jar.

4. Your cooking skills go from awesome to epic (or okay to awesome, depending on your current skill level)

These tasty, easy-to-make salads will be the centre of conversation at your next house party. In a pot like style party, everyone judges each other’s dishes, and you don’t want to be at the end of the ranking list. It’s healthy, artsy and delicious. Blow your friends away and crush the competition.

The Jar Salad Tutorial

Layer 1: Dressing
The first layer is always the dressing. From vinaigrette to ranch, you can use any type of dressing you want. Pour in about half an each or so into the jar. Once you start mastering jar salad making, you can explore further by creating your own dressings.

Layer 2: Crunchy Veggies
Put in veggies that can hold up to being in dressing for a week or so. Think of veggies that go well when marinaded or pickled, like cucumbers, beans, carrots, peppers or celery.

Layer 3: Softer Veggies
Put in veggies that are softer in this layer, like tomatos, avocado or corn. Mushrooms, zucchini, and corn works great too.
Layer 4: Leafy Veggies
The last or top layer is where the leafy or veggies that’ll get soft and soggy if exposed to the dressing comes. In this last layer you want to put ingredients that would wilt or become to soft and soggy if exposed to dressing too soon. Put in a healthy batch of your favourite leafy veggie, but make sure you don’t compress it too much.